CEOs, GMs, and Boards

"Go slow to go fast" - US Navy SEALS

Time. The most precious resource in the world.

There is only one way to recover your most limited resource. Focus on quality.

Quality of ideas means we spend our organization's thinking time on more valuable thoughts. Quality of decisions means spending our organization's doing time on more efficient and valuable work.

Quality is the only thing that can restore our time. The most valuable output of quality is more time, because quality eliminates the largest preventable source of wasted time: tending to or fixing the effects of rushed, low-quality decisions.

Activate your organization to make every day better

Every meeting with better ideas. Every report with better results from more engaged and tenacious teams. Fewer missteps, fewer surprises from competitors, more products the market truly loves and fewer the market rejects, teams working cross-departmentally on their own, your best talent staying instead of leaving.

It's these everyday occurrences that add up to the quarters and the years, not the quarters and the years that slice up into the everyday. A company's future is not determined by goals and strategies. It's determined by the people who craft ideas and execution, day-by-day, to fulfill those goals and strategies.

Curate Chaos

Every leader knows the fine balance between order and chaos. Too much chaos and things don't get done. Too much order and we stay where we are while the market moves elsewhere.

We help business leaders amplify their time to usher in an era of curated chaos. Gone are the days of whether we should make the customer happy or the shareholder happy. Gone are the days of whether we should focus on what the market needs today or what the market will need a few years from now. Gone is the era of "or."

To thrive today, we have to acknowledge that the game has gotten harder. It's more complex to understand the market, and it's more complex to execute cross-departmentally. Attacks are coming from startups in the heaviest season of VC and PE activity ever in history. Attacks are coming from existing competitors moving to this next level. Attacks are coming from gigantic technology companies with infinite resources. Attacks are coming from your own partners looking for their next gear.

We cannot solve tomorrow's problems with yesterday's methods. Our cultures must facilitate the next quantum level of intellect, focus, discussion, technical agility, organization of our people and resources, and cadence to observe and act on the new speed of the market.

This is in Core's DNA, and we want to help infuse it into yours.