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So, you're a change agent...

First of all, thank you. Sometimes the world needs a gentle (or a hard) push.

While rewarding, being in your shoes can be difficult. Frustrating. Sometimes hopeless. Sound like we've been there? We have. But here's the deal: you are doing the more rewarding work. Breakthroughs and innovation do not come from the daily grind and sticking to the playbook. In fact, there are very few innovative companies that are thriving today who do almost anything by the playbook, unless they wrote it.

Gain momentum & support

"I'll test this on myself first."

Change agents frequently have to volunteer themselves for what feels like science experiments. They are more willing than the average team member to take on a new way of thinking or executing, knowing the chances of success are high even when the organization's openness may be low.

Change agents have the chance at setting the bar for the rest of the organization. Our team members, for example, have a history of running the most successful teams in 10,000+ person organizations to the point where these teams are quite literally studied by the rest of the organization to glean best practices and new methods of working cross-functionally.

How to work cross-functionally

The reality for change agents is that they don't always have the ability to execute their vision across the org. In today's workplace, nearly everyone is dependent on multiple other groups, departments, or teams to execute successfully. We must be able to overcome organizational dynamics, hierarchy, and silos to win.

We have a proven approach for circling the wagons, strengthening strategies, deepening the meaning and definition of vision, and moving into seamless execution. Whether you are charged with leading a strategy or you are a critical, cross-functional player who wants to remove friction and work together better than you ever have before, Core is able to help.