How we work

Our process and approach map to your state of mind.

Let’s not beat around the bush here: you and your team are probably skeptical. We need to address that head-on.

Engagement Phases

Every engagement that is focused on achieving Superhuman Intelligence will mature through a 3-stage process:

  1. Address Doubt & Establish Trust - Ensure that CORE’s approach is a lock, that your team is open-minded, and that our initial diagnostics feel actionable and create real results for you immediately.

  2. Open-Minded Experimentation - Once trust is built, we will test and refine new ways of doing things, measure performance, and learn how to prioritize by urgency and impact. There is no sense in doing it sooner, if our teams’ hearts aren’t in it.

  3. Massive Intentionality - After our science is validated in the real world of your unique business, we go about upgrading habits, mindsets, process, and culture with extreme intentionality and attention to detail.

Three Complementary Styles of Work


In our most lightweight projects, we simply share the science of Superhuman Intelligence with your team in a series of presentations, brainstorms, and 1:1 meetings.

Our Advisory services are the perfect starting point for teams who need to ensure that we are a great fit while delivering immediate business value, or for those who prefer for us to feel like a part of the team rather than an external consultant.

“That was a very thought and discussion provoking presentation you walked us through, and that's coming from a guy who's seen a lot of those. Fresh, sharpened and results oriented.”

- Turner


Our analysis projects and software platform help you locate the root causes of untapped potential and organizational struggles. Our reports detail the psychological chemistry of your teams, the environmental impact of your leaders, the way your teams use time, and the way your culture translates into positive or negative outcomes in product, go to market, customer success, communication, politics, bandwidth, conflicting efforts, and engagement.

“This completely explains why we have been having communication issues…and exactly what we can do about it.”

- Top 5 Technology Company


Our tools break down into exercises and upgrades.

Exercises - Let CORE walk your team through concrete exercises that use the principles of Superhuman Intelligence to solve today’s and tomorrow’s business problems.

Upgrades - Then, as these exercises and principles create real world business outcomes, we work with you to upgrade your practices, processes, and tooling in fundamental areas including leader selection, high-potential programs, team design, hiring, strategy rollout, strat and ops planning cycles, resourcing, buying, and more. Upgrading these organizational processes and abilities has a profound effect downstream.

“We just did in one day what would have taken us 9 months the way we are used to doing it.”

- Leading Hospitality Company


No Success, No Payment

If we are unable to find a fit and generate real world results, why in the world would you pay a dime? We don’t think you should.