Growing Pains?

Life was pretty simple when we all just went to lunch together to decide the future of the company.

Now, you're hiring 15 people this month (or week) and trying to get that right. Finding leaders to set up and run teams and facilitate interdepartmental collaboration. Trying to teach people what your culture is all about and how they should shed the baggage of their last company and pick up the values of your company. Trying to teach marketing and sales organizations how to understand your products and customers so they can take the torch from your early guerrilla teams.

There's a lot on your plate and there are a lot more ways to get it wrong than there are to get it right.

How to create culture that scales

First things first. Autonomy comes from culture. For growth to not blow up in your face and those new hires speed you up instead of slowing you down, we need to get culture nailed down tight.

Companies have two foundational cultures, and we will guide you through creating plain-english explanations of both, relevant to your stage of growth.

The first culture is an unmistakable description of how your company creates value for buyers so buyers can create value for your company. Without this, you cannot achieve the necessary autonomy in setting goals, finding opportunities, or solving problems. People will just make up a hundred different definitions of success (including upsetting your precious customers), and you don't need that right now.

The second culture describes how the different groups within your organization will work on their own and with each other. It describes in equally-unmistakable language how departments can produce not only the tangible output they are responsible for, but also the intangible output of providing insights, perspective, and positive effects on others' ideas, decisions, and engagement.

Talent and hiring philosophies for your next eras of growth

That CMO you're hiring. Are they good? How about your VP of Sales? Do they know how to lead, or just how to sell? Because those are different things.

We take universally-successful methods of understanding what types of people to pursue or promote, which types to avoid, and how to arrange those types into diverse, high-performance teams that apply to your business, specifically. You will know who to hire or promote and exactly how to place them in your org to maximize success.

Tip: you do not hire skills or experience or hire human beings with human minds. We teach you how to do that expertly.

New markets, your second album, complex teams

OK, you hit it big with the first single. What's next? How can we take the same customer base and offer the next big thing? How can we expand the TAM? How do we handle the subtle or dramatic shifts in branding and identity as we grow from where we began?

We teach you the types of organizational habits you need to tattoo into your operations to get the most intelligence and perspective out of your organization, your customers, industry research, competitors, and more.

How am I going to pay for this?

We know you might not have the free cash to work with someone like us, either. No problem. We have been in your shoes and exited several businesses.

When we started Core, we made the decision to set aside 20+% of our time to invest in you, rather than asking you to invest in us. Let's talk about what that could look like; it looks a little different every time and that's okay with us.