The Team


Evan LaPointe, Founder

Evan’s career has spanned product, sales, marketing, and analytics. Evan was the inventor and co-founder of Satellite, the fourth-largest analytics-based technology on the Internet, which was acquired by Adobe in 2013. After the acquisition, Evan led the charge to establish clearer long-range product strategy and organizational alignment for the Experience Cloud, within Adobe’s high-growth, multibillion-dollar business. Prior to building Satellite, Evan merged his services startup Marketing Alpha with Search Discovery, founding its analytics practice. Today, that practice is the largest and fastest-growing independently-held digital analytics services business in the US, on the Inc. 5,000 for two consecutive years. In the last 15 years, he has helped over 200 organizations in nearly every industry revolutionize their ability to use data, create products and experiences, reach and engage audience, and build teams that run circles around their competition.

Evan founded CORE out of necessity. Most companies are unable to adopt new skills and habits like human-centered design, data-driven decision making, high-end analytics, and customer-centricity because of unresolved issues that lie deeper in the business. While each business is unique, what has never changed is the reality of human psychology, group dynamics, and culture. What CORE brings to market is a new and unprecedented set of tools to observe, measure, and optimize these deeper realities, allowing businesses to become highly intentional and scientific about how to maximize the chances of success in quite literally everything they do.

Outside of work, Evan is a golf addict, a multi-instrumentalist, and a voracious reader with a personal mission to clear the way for amazing people to do amazing things.


The CORE Team

The remainder of the CORE team is an elite group of professionals who have all been outliers in their craft. Depending on the needs of an engagement, you will have access to the talents and perspectives of successful entrepreneurs, sales leaders, marketing executives, advertising and creative professionals, analytics and data science leaders, product leaders, technology leaders, customer success leaders, customer experience pioneers, event and retreat planners, bestselling authors, and more.

These are people who work for fun and for passion, not to reach a revenue goal. And you’ll feel the difference.

Want to join the team?

We are not here with the goal of making money. We are not here to have an interesting job. We are here to change the world.

Each of our engagements makes hundreds, thousands, or tens of thousands of people’s lives better. More engaged, more impactful, more satisfied and fulfilled at work, where they spend more of their time than anywhere else in their life. We take that very seriously.

That means we grow more slowly, more deliberately, and more perfectly. It means we are more concerned with effectiveness in these peoples’ lives than our own growth. It means we make sure that 100% of our engagements are a success. It means that we are honest, no matter what. It means we sometimes say no to business. It means that we maintain a track record that nobody else in the world has.

If that describes you, let’s talk.