We move the "Ultra-Leading" Metrics

What are ultra-leading metrics? They are the indicators that tell us how everything else will go.

Our past has been spent in the world of moving leading indicators. What led us to the "ultra-leading" indicators you see here? It's actually surprisingly simple: there is an extremely-clear pattern in the people, teams, and businesses who dramatically outperformed others when it came to moving leading indicators. This is what every one of them have in common.



How well can we solve problems and answer any question that comes our way?

Quantifiable fluency comes from temperament, analytical ability, creative ability, knowledge, skills, and experience. Individuals have fluency, but more importantly, teams have combined fluency.

Teams built specifically for maximizing and diversifying fluency will mop the floors with teams built any other way.


Intangible Value

When people work, what is their impact on other people's ideas, decisions, and level of engagement?

Intangible value is a real and actionable measure of a person's impact on other people, and is the metric that must be used to understand team function and determine leaders. If you've ever heard of the "no a-hole rule" (not our words), this is an unsophisticated form of intangible value.

Teams built to maximize intangible value create a compounding effect any time collaboration occurs. Everyone makes everyone else better. Organizations of extraordinary intangible value have a competitive advantage that cannot be touched.


Cultural Compass

How perfectly aligned is our culture to our goals? How well does it put the wind at our backs during daily collaboration and execution? Is our culture a concrete, usable tool?

Culture is 4x more powerful than people in decisions. The calibration of culture and execution is one of the most crucial activities leaders can take, yet it often goes unmeasured or overlooked.


We help you move Leading Indicators

Today, many businesses operate on leading indicators. This is a big step forward in understanding downstream impacts of lagging indicators. Each of these can be dramatically improved through ultra-leading indicators.

  • Customer Engagement
  • Customer Success
  • Customer Satisfaction / NPS
  • Customer Health
  • Customer Growth / Retention / Churn
  • Customer Referral / Share / Promote Rates
  • Pricing Stability / Customer Value Linearity
  • Cost of Acquisition & Selling Timelines
  • Employee Engagement
  • Employee Satisfaction
  • Idea and Decision Quality Ratings
  • Org Structure Stability (Re-Org Frequency)
  • Manager Ratings & 360 Reviews
  • New Leader Success Rate
  • Executive Ratings
  • Glassdoor Ratings
  • Industry Analyst Ratings
  • Financial Analyst Ratings
  • Organic vs. Inorganic Growth
  • ...many more


The Market Moves the Lagging Indicators

Revenue. Profitability. By the time these show up, it's too late to do anything.