Get the core right, get it all right.

You want to evolve? Innovate? Make great products? Grow? Retain customers? Retain employees?

Great. You only need to know two things.

1. Your Team is Your Company

Every morning, people walk into your office, whether physically or virtually. There is no “company,” there’s only people. The company doesn’t decide anything. They do. The company doesn’t make anything. They do. The company doesn’t market or sell or engineer or analyze or support. People do it all.

If those people are incredible, three great things happen. If they are aren’t a good fit, three bad things happen.

The good news?

There is a science to getting it right.

  1. Their individual ability, something we call Fluency, is high. This means they are prepared for the challenges they face.

  2. Their curiousity is high, therefore they are always learning, asking other people what they are missing, and creating Superhuman Intelligence.

  3. Natural leaders emerge as those who have the greatest effect on others’ achievements, not the greatest personal achievements.

2. Your Culture Steers The Ship

And if those people are less ideal, three other things happen:

  1. They are unprepared to face the challenges and chaos inherent in their role.

  2. They are convinced they do not need to learn anything new or consult others, they already have it figured out.

  3. Employees compete with one another to gain promotion, power, and influence.

Customers expect us to have it. Employees expect us to have it. Investors expect us to have it.

Have we left anyone out?

What can we do that will have impact everywhere?

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