Core for Investors

Yep. We know you do all of this already. We also know that you, like us, are successful entrepreneurs and executives with extraordinary experience and perspective.

Still here? Great.

We focus every single hour of our day on one thing: human performance from the company level down to the individual level. We have taken the lessons we know you learned the same way we did and chose to invest every minute of our time on the single topic that affects every idea, decision, reaction, conversation, and action taken inside of your portfolio companies.

When you increase these things at the unit level, you increase them at the company level.

Change the outcomes

1 more unicorn. 3 more upper-tier successes. 3 from flat to steady growth. 2 saved from the jaws of failure.

What if we could change the trajectory of portfolio companies? That's the question we asked ourselves. One more who breaks through. A few more who go from good to awesome. A few more who go from anemic to positive. A few who were destined for the underworld brought back to life.

While we work directly with high-growth companies, we can bring those successes to full scale across the portfolio, strengthening the value for all investors. While we recognize many funds spend part of their time providing advice on similar topics, we complement by adding bandwidth and going deep on proprietary talent and culture elements that we have pioneered here at Core.

Leader training and coaching

Cultures that stabilize

Talent paradigms that improve ideas, decisions, and execution