Why now?
Welcome to the Disruption Era.

Is your 3-year plan big enough?

3 years is over a quarter of the time the iPhone has existed and over half of the time Uber has existed. The world has changed.

The threats are faster, smarter, and better-funded than ever before. Disruption cycles have moved from decades to years, or less. Multi-year business strategies have to acknowledge that the entire landscape can change practically overnight.

Anyone flat-footed is a target.


being innovative is hard. Disruptors don't care.

Is it going to take a lot of work? Is it going to involve hard problems, regulation, getting buy-in, finding budget, training people, hiring rare talent? Great, let's do it.

The disruptors are people of action. The harder you think it is, the happier they are. Just ask people who work in travel, news, music, education, advertising, automotive, manufacturing, finance, telecom, retail, to name a few. The disruptors found a way. "Hard" wasn't a tall enough wall.


Who you gonna call? innovators.

If your strategy is critical, do you want to talk to a professor who studies disruptors, or an innovator in the flesh? It helps to hear and understand how the disruptor's mind works, directly from the source.